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    • Our rolling step ladder is the perfect tool for accessing your overhead work spaces and shelving. Available in a wide variety of models with 3 to 15 steps and heights from 2.7 to 5.5 metres, you will find the perfect match for your professional environment. The aluminium structure of our rolling step ladder guarantees safe use.

    • Our printed number signs offer a practical solution for organisation and signage within your storage area. They are made from synthetic material and benefit from UV protection for outstanding durability. They are magnetic so they can positioned, removed and repositioned with ease should you decide to reconfigure your storage area.

    • Our magnetic label holders provide an effective solution for organising and identifying your stored products. They have a magnetic rubber support so they can be fixed automatically onto any metal surface. They come in a C profile to allow easy insertion of bristol-board cards. Available in three different sizes so you can choose the best size for your...

    • Our safety and surveillance mirrors provide an excellent solution for a safe business space. They are suitable for warehouses, industrial areas and shops. Made from shockproof acrylic or unbreakable polycarbonate and TÜV-certified, these mirrors are highly durable and reliable. To meet all your needs, they are available in several sizes and 2 main models.

    • The eco-design open-front bin is an economic solution for storing your small parts. Made from recycled polypropylene, it is reliable, versatile and environment-friendly. It is available in a wide range of sizes so you can find the best one to suit the configuration of your storage systems and the type of parts you want to store.

    • The European open-front bin is the perfect solution for storing your small parts. Made from polypropylene, it is not just reliable, it is perfect for storing your loose parts. Compatible with a wide range of storage systems, including shelving, trolleys and cabinets, it will soon find its place in your storage area.

    • The Pick-in open-front bin is an excellent solution for storing your loose small parts. Designed for storing maximum parts in minimum space, it is compatible with European standards compliant storage systems so you can use it with numerous systems. It is made from HDPE for excellent durability.

    • Our stacking container is perfect for storing food products and the main chemical agents. Ideal for handling on pallets, it is also compatible with many European standards compliant storage systems, including racks. Its UV-stabilised polypropylene composition gives it excellent strength.

    • Our tall multi-shelf trolley is a practical solution for optimised handling of your light loads. Perfect for industrial, logistics and commercial environments, it comes in a wide range of sizes to suit all your needs. With a load capacity of 90 kg per shelf, it is an excellent tool for handling your tools and packages.

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