Hygiene in industries

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Hygiene in industries

Work hygiene requires an adjustment of working conditions. This consists of installing toilets, a water point, a refectory for eating, showers for washing, or changing rooms.
These allow workers to change and return their clothes after work. Some have heated or ventilated locker that dry clothes and shoes during the night.
These heated changing rooms allow you to store and dry or wet work clothes in a few hours. These bring hygiene and comfort to the workers. Just insert them after the working day and collect them the next morning, dry and hot.
To improve the cleanliness and the working conditions, an air extraction is present in each cloakroom.
Actiflip offers heated changing rooms adapted to different types of needs. The heated wardrobe and heated cloakroom allow drying clothes with different characteristics.

The warming wardrobe

The heated wardrobe is suitable for outdoor work. It is equipped with a hot air ventilation system that allows to dry simultaneously work clothes, pairs of shoes, boots or gloves for 10 people in 4 hours maximum. The engine is located outside to optimize the space inside.

This one-piece metal wardrobe can complement the offer of classic locker on existing installations. Available in two different sizes.

His characteristics :

  • PENCHAUD V4: 1650 x 500 x 1970
  • PENCHAUD V5: 1510 x 535 x 1950
  • Material: galvanized sheet
  • Power: 1600 W
  • Number of people: 10
  • Packing: Carton + Shrink Film

The warming locker

These metal lockers dedicated to clean industry and dirty industry can quickly dry professional clothing inside the locker.

Simple and practical, the drying locker are ready to use and do not require any particular assembly. They are sold by block of 2 welded locker.

These lockers are equipped with a coat hook, a mirror, a hanger rod with 2 hooks, a glove holder and boot rack.

Very economical in energy, the average drying time for wet clothes is estimated at 4 hours with a resistance of 1000 W. It is connected to a conventional 230 V plug. It is possible to connect the locker in series thanks to its plug located on the lower part.

Closing is done by lockable padlock or locks with keys. The feet can be adjust.

Available for clean or dirty industry, on feet or on a bench and in 500 or 1000 W.

His characteristics :

  • Power: 500 W or 1000 W
  • Industry: Clean or dirty
  • Dimensions W x D x H on feet: 800 x 490 x 2010
  • Dimensions W x D x H on a bench : 800 x 745 x 2260
  • Sheet: Phosphate degreasing
  • Paint: Epoxy, baked at 180 °
  • Packing: Carton + Shrink Film

To find out more, find the product sheets below.


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