Do you need to build a garage, a workshop or a concession?

Publié le 2017-02-03

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The automotive sector uses a large number of products (spare parts, tires, windshields, oils, electrical equipment, etc.) with an unlimited number of references.

To help you to organize the storage of your new activity or to give a new dynamic to your storage, Actiflip guides you step by step in optimizing your spaces.

Rayonnage automobile pneu

First step: the choice of material

To facilitate storage, and moving your organization, Actiflip have a wide range of solutions adapted to the automotive sector:

  • Ad'vance medium-heavy shelving: in simple configuration or in "turn-key" concept, this shelving will adapt to the organization of your stock, spare parts store, car dealership, etc ...
  • Epsivol medium-duty shelving: a concept suitable for the manual storage of medium-heavy and bulky products in your garage or workshop. Many types of healds and decking are available for maximum adaptation to your needs. This shelving will also allow you to store windshields, tires, bumpers, exhausts, etc.).
  • Retention racks: ideal for storing your toxic products, solvents, etc. Possibility to adapt the shelving with a partitioning system to limit access to the products.
  • Handling solutions: Useful for moving your parts (flat bed, level, retention, universal, trolley, windscreen door, lifting table, pallet truck, etc.)
  • Furniture: Ideal for the furnishing of your garage or workshop, these solutions will allow you to store tools and personal effects (cabinet, built on box, servant / service, cloakroom, etc.)

Second step: organizing your storage

The trolley

It is difficult to predict the life of the trolley. Nevertheless it is possible to act on their longevity and their performance on the ground thanks to a storage in the rules of the art. Our advices :

  • Always store the trolley in a closed, ventilated, dry and temperate environment (the trolley stored outdoors will have their surface harden and cracks may sometimes appear);
  • Do not store tires near a heat source or appliances that may cause sparks (soldering station, transformer, battery charger, etc.);
  • Always check that your surface is clean and does not show signs of oil, fuel or any other substance to avoid real dangers when you start the vehicle);
  • If you store your trolley for several months, do not stack them and prefer storage on Epsivol shelving. For better handling and easy loading, we advise you to wear gloves, work clothes and of course the use of our special tire trolley.


Windshields are, with the belt and the airbags, essential elements to avoid the ejection of the occupants and the crushing of the roof during an accident. A damaged windshield significantly reduces occupant safety. For this we help professionals to offer to their customers quality products. Properly stored, your windshields will ensure optimal user safety.

  • To avoid breakage, it is best to leave the original packaging, do not overlay the windshields (risk of cracking or scratching) and store them in a temperate room;
  • For storage, we recommend Epsivol compartment shelving. With this solution your stock and your staff will be protected;
  • For simplicity in inventory management, order windshields by brand and model.
  • For their trip think of our trolley panel.

Removable parts

  • Order the storage by reference, brand, type of parts, etc .;

  • The heaviest parts are to be stored first on the bottom of the rack. Then proceed with the placement of the low rotation parts. For simpler handling, parts with high rotation rates or those that are lighter should be stored at man's height;

  • Regarding the preparation flow, it is important to signal the aisles or equip your shelving with our pick-to-light solution (light guide system, consult us).


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