Compliance work

Our audit of your shelving and mezzanines gives us the opportunity to identify any damage, malfunction or risks for your employees as well as to check for the presence of appropriate signage in your warehouses.

If necessary, Actiflip can bring your structures into compliance for you. We provide you with a team of qualified experts to help you maintain your installations. Our work in this respect covers conventional and drive-in pallet racks, dynamic racking, mobile shelving, picking racks and storage mezzanines.

Your steel structures will thus be compliant with the Eurocode European safety standards, while your shelving with beams and shelves will meet the FEM 10.2.02 and FEM 10.2.06 recommendations.

Regular maintenance of your installations can effectively prevent the risk of accidents at work. This involves frequent visual inspection to identify any damage, which should be reported as soon as possible. Any damage must be repaired as soon as possible. Your installations must be audited at least once a year.

During our audit we check the condition of the parts of your installations, we look for damage and deviations in the vertical uprights, we verify the load distribution on the structure and we examine the various safety features, e.g. information notices, as well as the condition of the floor.

For more information, please don't hesitate to ask one of the Actiflip representatives.