Hand truck for domestic appliances

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Our appliances hand truck is perfect for transporting domestic appliances. With a load capacity of 250 to 400 kg depending on the model, the truck is machine-welded with blue epoxy paint finish, making it a dependable and durable tool. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs.

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    An ergonomic hand truck for appliances For optimum ergonomics, our appliances hand truck is equipped with inflatable tyres with roller bearing hubs as well as plastic knuckle guard hand grips. It has a felt back, or rubber depending on the model, as well as non-slip back for safe and secure handling of loads. We can also offer you a model equipped with support wheels with rubber tyres, perfect for transporting appliances up and down stairs. The handle is height-adjustable and can be pivoted through 180° for easy manipulation whatever your work environment. For this model, we also offer an optional additional strap and stretcher back for excellent support of your appliances. A tri-star wheel configuration is also offered for easy transport up and down stairs.
    Largeur590 mm ; 650 mm
    Hauteur1150 mm ; 1425 mm
    Dimensions bavette150 x 450 mm ; 150 x 480 mm
    Capacité250 kg ; 350 kg