Shelving with galvanised or painted Actilone shelves

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Modular by nature, our Epsilon painted or galvanised shelving is ideal for storing your goods in industrial, administrative or commercial environments. Available in variety of dimensions, you can choose between open or fully clad frames. With a load capacity of 200 kg per shelf or 1600 per level, they are made from folded steel sheet, solid or perforated steel sheet.

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Galvanised shelving for industrial sitesThe galvanised version of our shelving is ideal for humid environments and for storage greasy products. Compartments are provided for optimal organisation of your your small tools. Different types of dividers are available: plain, sliding and wire. Optional telescopic drawers provide an additional way to store your goods. We also offer a telescopic consultation shelf. Painted shelving for your administrative archivingThe painted version of our shelving with shelves is perfect for storing your files and archives. Very easy to assemble, the steel sheet back wall provides effective closure at the back while avoiding cross bracing. For better organisation, it can be equipped with sliding suspension files for more convenient access to your documents. The lockable also provide secure storage of your goods. The front face has no perforations and there is a wide selection of colours for you to choose from, making this a very stylish system that you can integrate nicely into your professional space. In addition, the floor trims help create the optimal layout for your shelves.
Longueur1000 mm ; 1250 mm
Profondeur300 mm ; 388 mm ; 500 mm ; 600 mm
Hauteur1760 mm ; 2000 mm ; 2280 mm ; 2520 mm ; 2760 mm ; 3000 mm
ColorisÉchelle gris anthracite RAL 7024 ; Tablette gris clair RAL 7035
ModèleTôlé ; Peint
Charge par niveau150 kg