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Protective visor

    This protective screen is made of highly transparent PET for perfect visual comfort. This full-face shield is useful for protecting eyes, nose, face and mouth from aerosols, sprays and splashes. It's windproof, dustproof and anti-fogging. Easy to remove for simple, effective washing (water + soap). Comfortable, adjustable elastic strap for optimum fit. Its foam padding prevents mask marks.

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      In today's industrial environment, where safety is paramount, the need for reliable face protection is undeniable. The protection visor offers a comprehensive solution for head and face safety, but challenges remain, and solutions are needed to optimize this essential protection.

      It's crucial to have protective gear that not only provides maximum safety but is also comfortable for extended use. Workers often face the issue of uncomfortable, ill-fitting visors that reduce visibility and work efficiency.

      They are generally transparent for good visibility and adjustable to fit different head sizes. However, these standard features don't always meet the specific needs of users in terms of comfort and durability.

      Our company has developed a protection visor that surpasses standard models in comfort, durability, and functionality. Here's how our product stands out:

      1. Comfort and Adjustability: Our visor is designed for optimal comfort, with an innovative adjustment system that allows for hassle-free wear, even over long periods.

      2. Lightweight and Practicality: The lightness of our visor, combined with its ease of donning and removal, makes its daily use more practical and less burdensome.

      3. Enhanced Durability: Made with robust materials, our visor withstands intensive use and ensures increased longevity, offering better return on investment.

      4. Versatile Protection: It not only protects against splashes and chemicals but is also effective in limiting the spread of germs, thanks to an easy-to-clean and maintain surface.

      5. Customizable Options: Available in four colors (black, white, yellow, green) and delivered with two foams (frequent use and medical), our visor adapts to the diverse needs and preferences of users.

      6. Advantageous Packaging: With a packaging of 30 pieces, we offer an economical and practical solution for businesses.

      Choosing our protection visor means benefiting from a solution that combines safety, comfort, and practicality. It's a wise investment for individual protection in any industrial environment. Adopt our protection visor and experience enhanced safety with unmatched comfort.