Containment trays

  • Our metal containment tray is ideal for storing your oils and non-acid solvents in drums. Its hot-dip galvanised finish gives it excellent strength and durability. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it is available in five different sizes to accommodate between one and four 220-litre drums.

  • Our containment pallet for storage racks is a practical solution for spill containment storage of oils as well as solvent and non-acid products on pallet racks. Made from steel with hot-dip galvanised finish, this is a durable and dependable tool for safe storage of hazardous products.

  • Our metal containment platform is the perfect solution for containment storage of solvents and oils. Its hot-dip galvanised composition gives it excellent strength and durability while complying with the standard ISO 1461.

  • Our plastic containment trays are ideal for storing chemical and hazardous products, oils, corrosives and non-solvents. With a choice of polyethylene or recycled polyethylene composition, for an economical and ecological solution, these trays are lightweight, easy maintenance and rustproof. You can choose between trays that accommodate 1, 2 or 4 220-litre...

  • Our bin rack is perfect for storing Euro storage bins. Compatible with 400x300 and 600x400 millimetre bins, it provides a practical solution for your bin storage. Modular, it is equipped with "L" rails in the uprights which let you adjust the levels in 25 millimetre increments.

  • The 120-liter mobile container is composed of a yellow container equipped with 2 wheels and a hinged lid, containing sheets, cushions, rolls and industrial absorbents.

  • This shelving is made for storage of pollutants on 3 levels up to 320kg per level. The levels are equipped with a flat iron avoiding the fall of the products. The shelving is equipped with galvanized steel retention tanks.

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