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  • Our fixed aluminium step ladder is suitable for overhead work indoors and outdoors. Designed for both intensive and safe use, the polyester finish prevents hand blackening on contact. Available in a wide variety of models, it is equipped with 2 to 12 steps for work heights of 2.5 to 5 m.

  • The European open-front bin is the perfect solution for storing your small parts. Made from polypropylene, it is not just reliable, it is perfect for storing your loose parts. Compatible with a wide range of storage systems, including shelving, trolleys and cabinets, it will soon find its place in your storage area.

  • Our wire basket is perfect for displaying loose items, clearance stock and products in sales. With a capacity of 50 kg and a height of 900 mm, this basket makes picking your goods so easy. And it is easy to use too: the mesh basket simply clips onto the crossed tube stand. The stand folds for optimised storage.

  • Our collapsible wire cart is a practical solution for transporting and displaying your goods in-store. The 900 by 900 mm square mesh structure is fully collapsible for optimised storage. With a load capacity of 40 kg, it is perfect for picking loose items, clearance stock and products in sales.

  • Our folding wooden collar lets you turn a pallet into a box. Designed for use in both storage and picking, it also meets the phytosanitary standards for export. Our pallet collar is available in 4 sizes to fit your different pallets. We also offer a made-to-measure fabrication service for orders of 110 units or more.

  • Our trolley with fold-down back is perfect for handling your light loads, be it in an industrial or a commercial environment. Easy to use, you simply push the back to fold it down and pull it to lift it back up again. With a load capacity of 250 kg, it is available in two sizes so you can choose the perfect match for your stock.

  • Our sealed-shelf trolley is perfect for handling your liquid products in industrial environments and workshops. Its steel structure with blue epoxy finish ensures the shelves are perfectly sealed. Equipped with 2 or 3 shelves, depending on the model, this trolley offers a load capacity of 400 kg. It is available in two different sizes: 850x500 mm or...

  • Our order picking trolley is a perfect solution for transporting your products and parcels around your logistics area. Durable, its sectional and tubular steel structure has 2 side barriers and 4 galvanised wire mesh shelves: 1 fixed and 3 that can be hooked onto the side barriers at different heights in increments of 100mm.

  • Our aluminium hand truck is a practical solution for handling your light loads. To meet all your needs, you can choose from several models offering a load capacity of 150 or 200 kg and a height of 1150 or 1300 millimetres. Its machine-welded structure is designed without coating for maximum lightness.

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