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Folding wooden collar

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Our folding wooden collar lets you turn a pallet into a box. Designed for use in both storage and picking, it also meets the phytosanitary standards for export. Our pallet collar is available in 4 sizes to fit your different pallets. We also offer a made-to-measure fabrication service for orders of 110 units or more.

More details

    A customisable folding wooden collar Our pallet collar has a grip height of 30mm for a secure hold. The hinges come in 3 different thicknesses for you to choose from. To meet all your needs, we offer a wide range of optional equipment for our wooden collar. You can equip your pallet collar with longitudinal and transverse dividers to help you organise your stock better. We also offer a galvanised steel pallet collar for easier access to your stock. These collars have plastic stacking corners and galvanised steel fasteners for optimum hold. We also offer adhesive label holders as well as label holders that hang over the edge of the collar.
    Hauteur200 mm
    Dimensions (l x P)600x400 mm ; 600x800mm ; 800x1200 : mm ; 1000x1200 mm