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  • Our steel partitioning barrier is designed to provide effective protection and separation of your tools as well as your work areas. Measuring 1100 millimetres high with uprights of 50x30 millimetres and galvanised tubes, it is an extremely strong structure.

  • Our podium stop offers the 80% openwork required by the APSAD standard.

  • Ideal for covering sharp external angles, our polyurethane safety bumper is a practical and effective solution for securing your installations. Designed to absorb impacts and prevent knocks, it comes in 5 different shapes so you can find the perfect match for your installations. It is easy to fit using double-sided sticky tape.

  • Our magnetic retractable belt barrier unit is the perfect solution for effective temporary demarcation of your work areas. With automatic retraction and magnetic fixing, it is so easy to use on any metal surface.

  • Our rolling step ladder is the perfect tool for accessing your overhead work spaces and shelving. Available in a wide variety of models with 3 to 15 steps and heights from 2.7 to 5.5 metres, you will find the perfect match for your professional environment. The aluminium structure of our rolling step ladder guarantees safe use.

  • Designed to optimise the safety of storage areas, our safety net is especially effective for preventing products stored at height from falling.

  • Compatible with all our shelving systems, our anti-collapse system is a practical and reliable solution solution for optimising safety, both for the goods and for the gangways of your storage area. It consists of modular mesh panels installed in a “brick wall” fashion so it can be perfectly tailored to your shelving. The panels are available...

  • Our printed number signs offer a practical solution for organisation and signage within your storage area. They are made from synthetic material and benefit from UV protection for outstanding durability. They are magnetic so they can positioned, removed and repositioned with ease should you decide to reconfigure your storage area.

  • Our magnetic label holders provide an effective solution for organising and identifying your stored products. They have a magnetic rubber support so they can be fixed automatically onto any metal surface. They come in a C profile to allow easy insertion of bristol-board cards. Available in three different sizes so you can choose the best size for your...

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