Uprights and uprights protectors

  • Our PVC posts are a practical and cost-effective solution for effective demarcation and indication in your business premises. Equipped with a sturdy, ballasted 4 kilogramme base, our PVC posts are both reliable and effective. They are available in a wide range of colours for optimised organisation and identification of your work area.

  • Designed to protect your rack installations, our frame and corner column guards combine strength and functionality. Two versions are available to suit your needs: the frame version for uprights at the front and the corner version for bay ends and uprights. Fixed to the floor at 4 points, they are also equipped with side perforations for better attachment...

  • Our column protector offers reliable impact protection for the uprights of your shelving and structure. Made from polyethylene, our column protector is extremely strong. With a square internal profile, available in three sizes, the protector fits the shape of the column perfectly for optimal protection.

  • Designed for protecting your racks in industrial environments, our UPN rack protector offers robustness you can rely on. Comprised of 2 steel guards fixed to the floor into which a wooden plank is slotted, it is designed to protect those structures in direct contact with the traffic gangways.

  • Our polyethylene frame impact protector is perfect for protecting your shelving frames. A high-strength protector, it provides excellent impact absorption. Its adhesive fixing strips and reflective strip guarantee both easy installation and optimum visibility.

  • Our polyurethane impact protectors are designed to withstand the most extreme impacts. They are a perfect solution for protecting your equipment against impact from handling vehicles. Their fixation to the floor, reinforced by optional fixing plates with pin, ensures excellent durability.

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