• Allows to clean the leaks of liquid, thanks to its important absorbtion (80L per roll) Can be used on worktops and laboratories as "bench" Pre-cut sheets (50 cm x 40 cm)

  • 100 sheet Size of a sheet : 50 cm x 40 cm Absorption 0.8 liter per sheet

  • Maintenance Range: 48 sheet (50 x 40 cm).Range hydrocarbons and chemistry: 32 sheet (50 x 40 cm) and a pair of glasses in the chemistry range.All ranges contain: 3 short draft excluder (1.2 m long and 7.5 cm diameter); 5 garbage bags (46x90 cm with 5 clamps); 1 instruction sheet; 1 identification card of the category; 1 pair of gloves.

  • The transport bag is flexible to put everywhere you can need: construction equipment, vehicles, storage areas, workshops ... This kit is sold under a transparent bag. The draft excluder helps to confine the area to absorb the spill. The maximum absorption capacity is 20 L. Its storage order in the kit allows a logical intervention. The tubes are used to...

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