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Absorbent intervention kit 20 L

  • Industry and logistics

The transport bag is flexible to put everywhere you can need: construction equipment, vehicles, storage areas, workshops ... This kit is sold under a transparent bag. The draft excluder helps to confine the area to absorb the spill.

The maximum absorption capacity is 20 L.

Its storage order in the kit allows a logical intervention. The tubes are used to channel the spill location. The sheets are used to absorb the pollutant and the garbage bag is used to collect soiled absorbents.

More details

     Its composition is:

    • 18 sheets of 40 x 50 cm
    • 2 rolls ø 6 x W 120 cm
    • 3 garbage bags with clamps
    • 1 pair of disposable gloves
    • 1 pair of glasses (only in the kit for chemicals)
    • 1 transparent transport bag. 

    We have 3 models :

    • Hydrocarbon: for oils and hydrocarbons, these absorbents don’t hold water. It has a white color.
    • All liquids: for most liquids. It has a gray color.
    • Chemicals: for aggressive liquids such as acids ... It has a yellow color.