Steps and ladders

  • Our fixed aluminium step ladder is suitable for overhead work indoors and outdoors. Designed for both intensive and safe use, the polyester finish prevents hand blackening on contact. Available in a wide variety of models, it is equipped with 2 to 12 steps for work heights of 2.5 to 5 m.

  • Our rolling step ladder is the perfect tool for accessing your overhead work spaces and shelving. Available in a wide variety of models with 3 to 15 steps and heights from 2.7 to 5.5 metres, you will find the perfect match for your professional environment. The aluminium structure of our rolling step ladder guarantees safe use.

  • Our indoor access platform is a solution for working at height inside your premises. Designed to be intuitive to use, the cab, with electric or manual operation, requires only one operator to work. With a load capacity of 180 kg and designed for one person, the cab on our access platform can be raised up to a working height of 4,500 mm.

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