Waste skips and containers

  • Our skip with automatic tipping and return is perfect for intuitive handling and dumping of your waste. With fork slots for transport by forklift truck, its automatic tipping system makes for intuitive dumping of your waste. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, it is perfect for any type of waste.

  • Our drop-bottom skip makes light work of waste handling and dumping. Suitable for building sites, it has double locking hooks with anti-slip safety for secure gripping and movement via forklift. The bottom opens on contact with the edge of the collection container for intuitive dumping.

  • Our HDPE waste containers are a practical solution for easy sorting and collection of your waste and common chemicals. Available in 2 and 4-wheeled versions, our waste containers offer a capacity ranging from 60 to 1700 litres to suit your needs perfectly. They are impact-resistant, UV-resistant and can withstand significant temperature variations.

  • Our self-tipping skip is perfect for collecting and dumping your waste quickly. Its automatic tipping system guarantees easy and intuitive dumping via forklift. Robust, the welded tank on our skip, which can be sealed, can be used to handle many different types of waste.

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