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Skip with automatic tipping and return

  • Industry and logistics
Our skip with automatic tipping and return is perfect for intuitive handling and dumping of your waste. With fork slots for transport by forklift truck, its automatic tipping system makes for intuitive dumping of your waste. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, it is perfect for any type of waste.

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    An industrial and intuitive skip Our skip with automatic tipping and return is equipped with an automatic pivot system triggered by contact with the edge of the collection container. It returns automatically into place when you tilt the mast of the forklift. For safe handling, it has automatic hook locking and an anti-tilt system to prevent accidental spillage. It also has a safety link for anti-fall protection through slinging. Robust, it is made of machine-welded steel sheet, which is maintenance-free. Its edges are reinforced by folding. A skip suitable for all types of wasteTo meet your specific needs, our tipping skip is offered with a variety of optional equipment. For example, you can have aluminium/polyurethane wheels fitted, or a directional drawbar for enhanced mobility. You could also choose a stainless steel structure for reinforced strength, a sealed tank or a hot-dip galvanised finish. Have a look at our self-tipping and drop-bottom skips for more waste handling and sorting solutions.
    Dimensions (H x l x P)1230x1006x1560 mm ; 1230x1256x1560 mm ; 1230x1506x1560 mm ; 1230x1756x1560 mm ; 1230x2006x1560 mm