Mobile lift table

  • Industry and logistics
Our mobile lift table is designed for lifting semi-heavy loads in industrial environments. Equipped with a hydraulic system, it provides constant lifting and two-speed lowering via a foot pedal for safe use. Robust, the load capacity ranges from 150 to 800 kilogrammes depending on the model.

More details

    An efficient lift table for industrial environments Manually operated, our lift table is available in a wide variety of models and sizes to meet your every need. Depending on the configuration of your work space, it can be equipped with a single or double-scissor system. The directional castors ensure optimised manoeuvrability while the brakes on the rear castors ensure safe use. Our single-scissor mobile lift table is available in stainless steel for hygienic use in food and medical environments. You can also opt for a constant-level version that automatically adjusts to a predetermined height, whatever the load, to ensure it is always at the right height for the user. We also offer some optional equipment for our mobile lift table. In addition to the hydraulic system, we can fit an electric system for you which is powered by rechargeable battery for excellent durability. Our lift tables can also be fitted with conveyors, with fixed or turning rollers, for better handling of your products.
    ModèleSimple ciseaux ; Double ciseaux ; Structure inox ; Niveau constant
    Dimensions plateaux (L x l)700 x 450 mm ; 850 x 500 mm
    Dimensions (L x l)900 x 450 mm ; 500 x 1050 mm
    Hauteur de levage220 / 720 mm ; 290 / 880 mm
    Capacité150 kg ; 300 kg ; 500 kg