Drawer cabinet

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Our drawer cabinet is designed for organised storage or your tools and light parts. Its steel sheet metal structure with epoxy finish guarantees durable use in industrial environments and workshops. The dimensions of our drawer cabinet can be customised for a perfect fit with the configuration of your professional space.

More details

    A reliable industrial drawer cabinet Our drawer cabinet comes with between 5 and 17 drawers depending on the model. The drawers are colour-coded for better organisation of your items. With a load capacity of 75 or 200 kg depending on the model, the drawers are fully opening for easy storage and picking. The drawer bearings are polyoxymethylene for smooth, silent operation. Our drawer cabinet is fitted with a central lock for security and you can choose between a key, code or remote control lock. The drawers have single-drawer blocking which ensures only one drawer opens at a time to prevent the cabinet from tipping over. We offer optional drawer dividers for better organisation of your parts. The top of our drawer cabinet can also be fitted with a covering in resin, plywood, grooved rubber or with raised edges. We can also install a base suitable for pallet trucks and forklifts or a mobile base with fixed and directional wheels. See also our cabinet with hinged doors for another great solution for storing your tools.
    Largeur800 mm ; 1000 mm
    Profondeur695 mm
    Hauteur1000 mm
    Nombre de tiroirs5 ; 6 ; 7 ; 8 ; 9 ; 10 ; 12 ; 15 ; 17 ; 18
    Capacité75 par tiroir