Industrial workbench

  • Industry and logistics
Our industrial workbench is designed to suit any industrial environment. With a wide range of accessories, height-adjustable legs and a choice of 2 widths, this is a truly modular piece of furniture. Robust, its steel sheet structure with blue epoxy finish endows it with a load capacity of 800 kg.

More details

    A modular industrial workbench Our modular industrial workbench starts off as a standard model into which you can integrate the various accessories you want. Hanging chests of 1-4 drawers, with a capacity of 75 to 200 kg, can be installed under the worktop. You can also replace the steel tube legs with a chest of 5 drawers which act as a pedestal. The drawers for our industrial workbench are equipped with silent, full-extension slides. For complete security, they have a central key lock or, for 2 drawers or more, code lock. We also offer hanging cabinets with hinged doors. A robust and compact industrial workbench The plywood worktop on our industrial workbench can be given a coating of chrome, steel sheet, urethane, synthetic resin or nitrile to make it suitable for all kinds of work conditions. A rear wall can also be installed for easy access to tools, plus then there is the option to add power sockets. We also offer a compact model of our industrial workbench. With a load capacity of 1000 kg, it can also be kitted out with all the accessories of the standard model. In addition, small shelves can be fitted under the worktop.
    Largeur établi compact845 mm ; 855 mm
    Hauteur établi standard1000 mm ; 1500 mm ; 2000 mm ; 2500 mm ; 3000 mm
    Largeur établi standard840 mm ; 842 mm ; 850 mm ; 940 mm ; 942 mm ; 950 mm
    Hauteur établi standard1500 mm ; 2000 mm ; 2500 mm