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Self-tipping skip

  • Industry and logistics
Our self-tipping skip is perfect for collecting and dumping your waste quickly. Its automatic tipping system guarantees easy and intuitive dumping via forklift. Robust, the welded tank on our skip, which can be sealed, can be used to handle many different types of waste.

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    A self-tipping skip perfect for many different types of waste Its front box allows it to be equipped with a settling grate and a valve for liquid waste. Available in a wide variety of sizes, our skip can also be equipped with forklift pockets and marking in adhesive letters. To meet all your needs, it can also be hot-dip galvanised. Designed to be simple to use, our skip has a flush, ergonomic handle for easy manipulation. Its wheels with rubber tyres allow it to be rolled around with ease. For more waste handling solutions, have a look at our skip with automatic tipping and return and our drop-bottom skip.
    Dimensions (H x L x P)460 x 1040 x 1400 mm ; 880x 1040 x 1400 mm ; 1310 x 1040 x 1400 mm
    Dimensions (H x l x P)460x1040x1400 mm ; 880x1040x1400 mm ; 1310x1040x1400 mm