Warming locker

    The warming locker is specially made for drying work clothes. It is equipped with a hook, a mirror, a hanger rod with 2 hooks, a glove holder and boots holder. The locker and the top are ventilated via perforations. Exist for clean industry or for dirty industry, on feet or on a bench and in 500 W or in 1000 W.

    More details

      The warming locker doesn’t use much energy

      The average drying time for wet clothes is estimated at 4 hours with a 1000 W resistance. It is connected to a 230 V plug.

      This one-piece welded construction is in sheet steel 8 / 10th. The locker has a voltage of 230 V, a frequency of 50 Hz and a ventilation of 150 m3 / h. The switches are independent for each box. The plug is located in the lower part to connect different lockers. Its one-piece welded steel sheet structure has an oven-baked epoxy finish.

      The warming locker is ready to use

      The warming locker doesn’t need to be assembly and different locker can be connected by standard PVC ducts (not supplied) to evacuate air outside the locker. Closing is done by lockable padlock 1 point or locks with keys. The feet are adjustable.

      ConditioningCarton + shrink film
      Sheet metalPhosphate degreasing
      Dimensions L x P x H on feet800 x 490 x 2010
      Dimensions L x P x H on a bench800 x 745 x 2260
      IndustryClean or dirty
      Power500 W ou 1000 W
      PaintingEpoxy, baked in the oven at 180°