Industrial light-duty shelving

  • With shelves that simply clip into the uprights, our Epsiline galvanised tubular shelving provides a practical and convenient solution for storing your light loads. Its tubular galvanised steel shelves can be installed at whatever height you want to create the configuration you want. Perfect for any environment, it is designed for double-sided use.

  • Modular by nature, our Epsilon painted or galvanised shelving is ideal for storing your goods in industrial, administrative or commercial environments. Available in variety of dimensions, you can choose between open or fully clad frames. With a load capacity of 200 kg per shelf or 1600 per level, they are made from folded steel sheet, solid or perforated...

  • Practical and economical, our shelving with Flip tubular shelves is ideal for storing your light items and small containers. Dimensions of your choice along with easy installation, without screws or bolts, make this an efficient storage solution. Modular, you can add, remove or move shelves without needing to disassemble the entire structure.

  • Notre chariot porte-outil est la solution pratique pour toujours garder vos outils à portée de main. Adapté pour le milieu industriel et les ateliers, il est conçu en double-face pour un picking aisé des outils et une excellente mobilité. Selon vos besoins, nous proposons un chariot avec 2 ou 3 panneaux perforés par face.

  • Fully compatible with our shelving with tubular shelves, our Flip light duty containment shelving is perfect for storing small containers of chemicals, pollutants and non corrosives. Offering three different types of shelves and being highly modular, this is an excellent storage tool whatever the configuration of your storage area.

  • Our bin rack is perfect for storing Euro storage bins. Compatible with 400x300 and 600x400 millimetre bins, it provides a practical solution for your bin storage. Modular, it is equipped with "L" rails in the uprights which let you adjust the levels in 25 millimetre increments.

  • Our Cantilever racking is the perfect solution for your long items. It comes in two versions, light and semi-heavy, both of which are ideal for storing tubes, profiles, planks and battens in particular. With customisable dimensions, this racking can be perfectly tailored to suit a large number of professional environments. Easy assembly by bolting the...

  • The mesh shelving  Activance has many advantages and is the perfect answer to safety and fire protection issues. It is a monobloc shelf with a free surface area of more than 70%, which meets the fire-resistant (APSAD R1) standards. It meets all your expectations and allows you to be present and relevant in new markets....

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