Actiflip light duty containment shelving

    Fully compatible with our shelving with tubular shelves, our Flip light duty containment shelving is perfect for storing small containers of chemicals, pollutants and non corrosives. Offering three different types of shelves and being highly modular, this is an excellent storage tool whatever the configuration of your storage area.

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    Modular, industrial, light-duty containment shelvingEasy to assemble, our containment shelving offers four depth sizes to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect fit for whatever pollutants you store. The containment shelves come in three different versions: steel sheet tray with welded upright-connectors on the corners, steel sheet tray with cover made from a welded tubular structure, and removable tray for placing on a conventional tubular shelf. The shelves are height-adjustable in increments of 31.25 or 62.5mm and have a load capacity of up to 70 kg each for optimal storage of your pollutants. The bonus? The containment trays can also be used on another of our shelving systems with tubular shelves if you already have one installed. For storing hazardous products, we also offer secure mesh shelving with lockable door. If you also store products in drums, take a look at the product sheet for our plastic containment trays.
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    Dimensions (L xP)1000x400 mm ; 1000x500 mm ; 1000x600 mm ; 1000x800 mm