Shelving with Actiflip tubular shelves

    Practical and economical, our shelving with Flip tubular shelves is ideal for storing your light items and small containers. Dimensions of your choice along with easy installation, without screws or bolts, make this an efficient storage solution. Modular, you can add, remove or move shelves without needing to disassemble the entire structure.

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    Industrial and light shelvingIdeal for storing your tools, suitable for workshops, the shelves in our light duty shelving provide excellent conditions for storing your loose items. The shelf covers come in a choice of hardboard, isoflex, white lacquered, mesh or steel sheet. Simple to assemble, you can fit several Flip shelving units together to create a storage space that suits your needs. Modular shelving perfect for administrative premisesThe hardboard shelves for our shelving with shelves provide the perfect storage system for your ring binders and archives. Double-sided use of the shelving ensures total optimisation of your storage and archiving space. The steel sheet shelves for our Fliclass shelving are also compatible with our Flip shelving for even better optimisation of your shelving. Shelving with shelves suitable for sales areasOur light duty shelving is easy to assemble, can be connected to other Flip shelves and offers interchangeable shelves, making it an excellent solution for organising your storeroom. The ability to add or remove levels further facilitates stock management according to arrivals.
    Longueur750 mm ; 1000 mm ; 1250 mm ; 1500 mm
    Profondeur300 mm ; 400 mm ; 500 mm ; 600 mm ; 700 mm ; 800 mm ; 1000 mm ; 1200 mm
    HauteurDe 1000 mm à 3000 mm par tranche de 250 mm
    pictos250 kg
    picto-reglageAu pas de 62,50 mm
    ColorisMontants bleus RAL 5015 ; Tablettes gris clair RAL 7035
    Capacité250 kg par niveau
    Montage simplePar emboitage