Industrial Shelving

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  • Similar to the version for light and semi-heavy loads, our Cantilever racking for heavy loads is designed for storing heavy, long and bulky items. Offering a load capacity of 5 tons per arm, with customisable dimensions, height-adjustable arms and a choice of single or double-sided, this is a structure that can be perfectly tailored to suit any environment.

  • Our Combi shelving with drawers is the perfect solution for storing long and heavy loads like sheets and panels. The drawer system helps save a significant amount of space in your storage area.

  • With shelves that simply clip into the uprights, our Epsiline galvanised tubular shelving provides a practical and convenient solution for storing your light loads. Its tubular galvanised steel shelves can be installed at whatever height you want to create the configuration you want. Perfect for any environment, it is designed for double-sided use.

  • Modular by nature, our Epsilon painted or galvanised shelving is ideal for storing your goods in industrial, administrative or commercial environments. Available in variety of dimensions, you can choose between open or fully clad frames. With a load capacity of 200 kg per shelf or 1600 per level, they are made from folded steel sheet, solid or perforated...

  • Suitable for heavy loads, Epsirack pallet racking is the perfect solution for storing your palletised goods. Available in a painted version for indoors and a galvanised version for outdoors, we can perform a site survey on your storage premises to determine the pallet racking that best suits your needs.

  • Ideal for storing your semi-heavy items, our shelving with Epsivol beams can accommodate your every need. It can be configured in a variety of ways to fit perfectly in your professional space. Simple to install, it will meet your expectations with its wide selection of shelves. Robust, its load capacity is 4500 kg.

  • Designed for storing long items vertically, our Epsivol rack for vertical storage helps you optimise your storage space. With a galvanised ground shelf, this system is designed for safe and intuitive storage.

  • Practical and economical, our shelving with Flip tubular shelves is ideal for storing your light items and small containers. Dimensions of your choice along with easy installation, without screws or bolts, make this an efficient storage solution. Modular, you can add, remove or move shelves without needing to disassemble the entire structure.

  • Fliplus tubular shelving is ideal for storing your semi-heavy items in an industrial environment. The tubular shelves can hold up to 500 kg each, giving a load capacity of up to 2500 kg per bay. Easy to assemble, the tubular shelves have upright connectors so they can be easily fixed to the frames. Modular, our tubular shelving can assume whatever...

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