Pick-to-light and go-to-light solution for shelving

  • Industry and logistics
  • Administrative
  • Sales area

This light guidance system allows operators and order pickers to find products very easily and quickly, thanks to bright visual cues.

Each operator can have his color to avoid confusion.

It’s an useful tool for logistics and archives.

More details

    The advantages of go-to-light for your industrial, logistics and e-commerce warehouses

    This system is compatible with our various shelves (pallet rack, light industrial shelving, half heavy, ...) and allows an increase of articles prepared from 40 to 50%!

    It has a geo-guidance system in order to optimize the way traveled by employees and a scan to check the order. It can also indicates the number of products to recover.

    Compatible with your ERP, WMS or scanette. For e-commerce, it is also compatible with an open-source CMS such as Prestashop and Magento.

    Luminous landmarks also appreciated for archives

    This solution is especially used in logistics and industry. The go-to-light solution is perfectly compatible with administrative shelving, such as our Fliclass archive shelving.

    You can easily find a file stored in one of the many document filled aisles. Via your PC or tablet, you can turn the light on the location of your archives.