Activol vertical rack

    Designed for storing long items vertically, our Epsivol rack for vertical storage helps you optimise your storage space. With a galvanised ground shelf, this system is designed for safe and intuitive storage.

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      Industrial rack for optimised storageIdeal for storing long items such as pipes, profiles and battens, our Epsivol vertical rack will fit in with any configuration of storage space. Easy to assemble, it is available in single or double-sided for better optimisation of your professional space. To meet all your needs, our Epsivol vertical rack offers three types of divider: arch, label holder and tube. Sturdy, its galvanised ground shelf has side end stops for optimised, completely safe storage of you products. Available in two heights and three different colours, our Epsivol vertical rack is an excellent solution for optimised and organised storage of your long items. See also our Cantilever light and semi-heavy duty racking for storing your long items.
      Largeur1500 mm ; 1800 mm
      Profondeur340 mm ; 500 mm
      Hauteur2500 mm ; 3000 mm
      ColorisÉchelle bleue RAL 5015 ; Supports et séparateurs gris clair RAL 7035