Combi shelving with drawers

    Our Combi shelving with drawers is the perfect solution for storing long and heavy loads like sheets and panels. The drawer system helps save a significant amount of space in your storage area.

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      Modular industrial shelving Featuring manually operated drawers, our Combi shelving with drawers is easy to use and modular to meet all your needs. Available in various dimensions to suit your professional space, our Combi shelving can hold up to 10 drawers fixed on lateral rails. The shelves are height-adjustable in increments of 47mm. If you prefer, the open back of the standard version of our Combi shelving can be fitted with a back wall panel made from steel or wood. For optimum coverage, a roof can also be installed as well as fold-down railings at the sides. Safe industrial shelving Our Combi shelving with shelves is designed for completely safe use. Its welded metal structure guarantees excellent solidity. The lubed-for-life bearing has an extra thick ring to ensure superior durability.
      Largeur2200 mm ; 2700 mm ; 3200 mm ; 4200 mm ; 6200 mm
      Profondeur2180 mm ; 2680 mm ; 3180 mm ; 4180 mm
      Hauteur2170 mm
      Profondeur tiroirs1050 mm ; 1300 mm ; 1550 mm ; 2050 mm