The evolving semi-heavy steel sheet shelving

    Modular, lasting, customizable,  with a load capacity of 3000 kg by element and 150 kg by level,  up to 300 kg with reinforcements, Activance steel sheet semi-heavy shelving is an excellent solution for the storage of light to semi-heavy equipments, whatever your working environment is. Equipped with height-adjustable shelves, crossbars and shelf reinforcements for an optimal robustness, this shelving  is available in several dimensions according to all your needs.

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    Tailor-made - Safety and Comfort - Fast delivery - visual identity

    This product is suitable for industrial sectors, workshops or stock/store warehouses and industrial design outlets !


    ACTIVANCE is a space-saving shelving , it perfectly optimises your storage areas thanks to its upright heights  from 1 m to 7.5 m and with its 24 shelf-dimensions at your disposal. Despite its light weight, its load-capacity is evolutive. The standard version can support up to 150 kg and 330 kg maximum per level with reinforcements. Of course, it can  perfectly match  your environment and business sector thanks to a wide range of colours. It is a multifunctional tool with a wide range of sides, bottoms, dividers, doors, lockers, drawers... it is an adaptable and customisable product to meet all your needs. You have to see it to believe it, its stabilisation system is highly performing. You have the possibility to add reinforcement crossbars that will allow a double-sided use and also cross-braces to place at the back of the shelving. Let's talk about safety!  We propose doors or skirting boards with keys and lock. Let's talk about composition! The uprights are in galvanised finish as standard and  Epoxy painted on consultation and the shelves are in metal sheet for the storage of small parts, loose items, boxes with an easy to clean surface. The assembly ?  Nothing could be easier, the shelf (horizontal or inclinedf) fits onto the 2 crosspieces on the same level. And finally, lateral perforations every 25 mm  to hang the crossbars and front perforations every 50 mm to hang  accessories have been designed!



    The 5 steps :

    First, assembly of the uprights

    Then, place the shelf rails

    Afterwards, the lower shelves have to be assembled first, then the intermediate shelves,

    Then, the stabilizer is mounted (cross-brace, crossbars or back panel) (depending on the configuration),

    And finally, assembly of the following elements and accessories.


    •          Basic configuration,
    •          Picking configuration,
    •          Kanban configuration,
    •          Cabinet configuration,
    •          Workstation version,
    •          Tyre carrier version,
    •          Bin holder version.


    Activance shelving is also compatible with mobile shelving (Flip Mobile and Optim'roll) and with mezzanines

    depths300 - 400 - 500 - 600 - 700 - 800 mm
    HeightDe 1 m jusqu'à 7,5 m
    lengths1000 mm ; 1250 mm ; 1300 mm