Actiplus tubular shelving

    Fliplus tubular shelving is ideal for storing your semi-heavy items in an industrial environment. The tubular shelves can hold up to 500 kg each, giving a load capacity of up to 2500 kg per bay. Easy to assemble, the tubular shelves have upright connectors so they can be easily fixed to the frames. Modular, our tubular shelving can assume whatever configuration you want.

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    Tubular shelving perfect for industrial environmentsFor a perfect fit in your storage space, our tubular shelving is available with a height of 1000-8500 mm, in 250 mm increments, for creating multi-level installations. The shelves are height-adjustable in increments of 31.25mm. The no cross brace design allows double-sided use. Robust, its metal structure complies with the European standard FEM 10.2.02 regarding shelving with beams and shelves. It comes with plastic feet with a choice of galvanised or welded footplates for stability. To meet all your needs, we offer 3 types of shelves with our tubular shelving. Besides 20x20 or 35x20 mm one-piece welded tube shelves, you could also opt for a model in steel sheet folded and welded to a tubular structure. Optional equipment available for getting maximum durability from our metal shelving include side cross braces, safety pins and stops. You could also fit hardboard, mesh or white lacquered back and side walls if required. For storing your light items in an industrial environment, see also our Flip tubular shelving.
    Longueur1010 mm ; 1260 mm ; 1510 mm
    Profondeur300 mm ; 400 mm ; 500 mm ; 600 mm ; 700 mm ; 800 mm ; 1000 mm ; 1200 mm
    HauteurDe 1000 mm à 7500 mm par tranche de 250 mm
    pictos500 kg
    picto-reglageAu pas de 62,50 mm
    ColorisBleu RAL 5015
    Charge par niveau500 kg