The mesh Activance shelving

    The mesh shelving  Activance has many advantages and is the perfect answer to safety and fire protection issues. It is a monobloc shelf with a free surface area of more than 70%, which meets the fire-resistant (APSAD R1) standards. It meets all your expectations and allows you to be present and relevant in new markets. Its weight is modular between 150 kg and 200 kg

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      Safety & Fire Prevention are the key words of this shelving system.

      Activance  is a monobloc mesh shelving with 70% free surface area, it meets fire safety standards. Activance is light, efficient and is made in France. Do you wish a concrete impact on your storage? You have come to the right place. Activance is designed and thought out in accordance with fire safety standards and the assembly of this shelving is disconcertingly quick (no tools required)!

      You can choose between several dimensions in length, depth, weight and height. In addition, this product offers a wide range of equipments to fit perfectly your needs. Finally, ind two perforation lines are also proposed for an easy use of the accessories. This shelving complies with European and French standards!

      Activance shelving is also available in semi-heavy-duty metal sheet shelving that can be upgraded!

      lengths750 - 1000 - 1250 - 1300 mm
      depths300 - 400 - 500 - 600 - 700 - 800 mm
      weight150 - 200 kg
      HeightDe 1 m jusqu'à 7,5 m