Conveyer shelving and dynamic racking

  • Meaning "first in first out", our dynamic racking with FIFO system is designed for managing perishable, high-turnover stock on pallets. It lets you to organise your stock so that you always bring out the products that have been in storage the longest. Ideal for perishables.

  • Meaning "last in first out", our dynamic racking with LIFO system is designed for managing high-turnover stock on pallets. It provides a logistics management solution where the last goods to go into storage are also the first to be brought out.

  • Designed to optimise your logistics flows, our dynamic racking for boxes and bins provides an ergonomic solution that greatly facilitates workstation provisioning. Designed to reduce operator movement time, the reception shelf integrated in the frame helps with the reception of parts. Also, it can be adapted to suit many types of light and semi-heavy duty...

  • Adopting the LIFO system of our dynamic racking, the Push-back rack storage system provides an innovative solution for storing products on racks: it lets you store different-sized pallets on the same level. It can also be installed on shelves already assembled and is suitable for many different environments such as cold rooms.

  • Our gravity roller conveyor is perfect for the logistics flow of your flat-bottomed loads such as crates, boxes and bins. Your items are automatically transported and collected at the end of the route via a slope of 5 to 6 %. Offering a capacity of 160 kg, you can choose between either plastic or steel rollers.

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