Push-back rack storage system

    Adopting the LIFO system of our dynamic racking, the Push-back rack storage system provides an innovative solution for storing products on racks: it lets you store different-sized pallets on the same level. It can also be installed on shelves already assembled and is suitable for many different environments such as cold rooms.

    More details

      A push-back rack for optimised logistics managementThis storage system takes the form of a pallet rack with five nested carts at its opening. The first pallet is placed on the top cart, then the second pallet is used to push that cart containing the first pallet towards the back, revealing the second cart, onto which the second pallet is then placed, and so on. Conversely, when a pallet is removed from the Push-back system, the pallets behind it glide gently on their carts towards the front. The Push-back rack system has the advantage of preventing product damaged during handling because the force is transmitted entirely to the carts. The steel wheels have roller bearings which are easy to replace, ensuring maximum cart rolling reliability.
      Hauteur tiroirs40 mm ; 90 mm ; 120 mm ; 150 mm ; 180 mm
      Capacité1000 kg