Dynamic racking with LIFO system - Dynactif

    Meaning "last in first out", our dynamic racking with LIFO system is designed for managing high-turnover stock on pallets. It provides a logistics management solution where the last goods to go into storage are also the first to be brought out.

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      Dynamic racking for optimised logisticsThis system helps optimise your storage space by using single-sided racking. Simple to install, our dynamic racking has rollers in the shelves to make goods handling easier and to save a considerable amount of time in stock management. Our racking with LIFO system is ideal for racking installed against a wall and mezzanine racking. Reliable, the shelves are equipped with brake rollers for completely safe storage. The stops and the pallet separators in our dynamic racking guarantee make loading and unloading your stock easy. If you have perishable products you want to store, take a look at our dynamic racking with FIFO system.
      AccessoiresRouleaux freineurs ; butées d'arrêt ; séparateur de palette