Guards and shelves

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  • Our podium stop offers the 80% openwork required by the APSAD standard.

  • Ideal for covering sharp external angles, our polyurethane safety bumper is a practical and effective solution for securing your installations. Designed to absorb impacts and prevent knocks, it comes in 5 different shapes so you can find the perfect match for your installations. It is easy to fit using double-sided sticky tape.

  • Designed to optimise the safety of storage areas, our safety net is especially effective for preventing products stored at height from falling.

  • Compatible with all our shelving systems, our anti-collapse system is a practical and reliable solution solution for optimising safety, both for the goods and for the gangways of your storage area. It consists of modular mesh panels installed in a “brick wall” fashion so it can be perfectly tailored to your shelving. The panels are available...

  • Highly robust, our metal grating shelves for racks are designed for storing heavy loads on your Epsirack shelving as well as all types of pallet racks.

  • Our wire shelves for racks are ideal for storing your semi-heavy loads as well as enhancing the performance and safety of your storage area. They are modular and so can be perfectly tailored to the dimensions of your shelving. They have also been designed to comply with sprinkler fire safety standards since they allow water to pass through easily.

  • Our fir wood shelves present a cost-effective solution for storing your small loads and packages on racks. They can be tailored to the widths of your shelving. They comprise planks, available in three different thicknesses, connected by cleats which fit between the beams for excellent durability.

  • Our tubular shelves for racks are particularly suitable for storing your semi-heavy and bulky items. They are fully modular and can be custom made to fit the dimensions of the tiers of your pallet racks. Designed to allow water to pass through, they comply with safety standards and sprinkler fire protection measures.

  • Designed to protect your rack installations, our frame and corner column guards combine strength and functionality. Two versions are available to suit your needs: the frame version for uprights at the front and the corner version for bay ends and uprights. Fixed to the floor at 4 points, they are also equipped with side perforations for better attachment...

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