Shop furniture and equipment

  • Our compartment lockers are the perfect solution for storing personal effects belonging to your staff or deposited by your customers. A steel structure with 100 mm-high anthracite base, they are ideal for community locker rooms and public places. Available in 2 different sizes, they can be installed in a cabinet of 2x3, 3x3 or 3x4 compartments.

  • Our reception counter is designed for receiving your customers in a shop or in your offices. Modular, it is divided into several combinable modules so you can obtain the configuration you want. In addition to rectangular modules, you can also choose from modules with a 90° or 45° straight or curved corner.

  • Our gondola shelving is perfect for displaying your products in-store. With modular dimensions and available in a single or double-sided version, this system can be tailored perfectly to the configuration of your sales area while offering the ability to hold many different types of products. It comes in a wide choice of colours so can get the look you...

  • Our safety and surveillance mirrors provide an excellent solution for a safe business space. They are suitable for warehouses, industrial areas and shops. Made from shockproof acrylic or unbreakable polycarbonate and TÜV-certified, these mirrors are highly durable and reliable. To meet all your needs, they are available in several sizes and 2 main models.

  • Whatever your signage requirements for your work area - be it danger warnings, identification of emergency exits or restricting access to a site - our signs have it covered. Available in a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes, our signs can be tailored to your particular needs.

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