Gondola shelving - Actimag

  • Sales area
Our gondola shelving is perfect for displaying your products in-store. With modular dimensions and available in a single or double-sided version, this system can be tailored perfectly to the configuration of your sales area while offering the ability to hold many different types of products. It comes in a wide choice of colours so can get the look you want for your shop.

More details

    Gondola shelving perfect for use in shops and storesOur shelving for shops comprises 2 uprights, to which one-piece brackets and shelf are attached. Able to tile to 15°, the brackets are height-adjustable in increments of 25mm. A back wall, smooth or perforated, gives the structure stability along with a base on plinth. Our gondola shelving is available in a choice of heights between 91 and 304 cm. The available length ranges from 66.5 to 133 cm and the depth from 30 to 80 cm, allowing you to display your products exactly as you wish.
    Largeur450 mm ; 650 mm ; 1000 mm ; 1200 mm ; 1330 mm
    Profondeur200 mm ; 300 mm ; 400 mm ; 500 mm ; 600 mm ; 700 mm ; 800 mm
    Hauteur1000 mm à 3000 mm