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Folding plastic box pallet

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Our folding plastic box pallet is designed for storing and transporting your semi-heavy loads while optimising your storage space. When empty, the walls can be folded in to save space and reduce transport costs significantly. Made from HDPE, it can be used in many different industrial and food environments.

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    A hygienic plastic box pallet Made from HDPE, our folding plastic box pallet is easy to clean, allowing hygienic storage of your goods, especially food products. It comes in two different sizes so you can choose the best one for your semi-heavy items. Equipped with two bottom boards, our folding plastic box pallet is stackable for efficient storage in your storage space. See also our HDPE plastic box pallet for another great box pallet storage solution.
    Dimensions (H x l x P)805x800x1200 mm ; 805x1000x1200 mm