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To increase productivity, your industrial area needs good tools. As other environments, we present you the different solutions of facilities which will answer to your needs.

Partition adapted for industry

For the layout of your work place, our industrial partition is ideal. It can be custom design and, thanks to several types of panels, it can efficiently partition your space and organize it as you wish. For the separation of an area that requires complete insulation allowing the passage of handling equipment, we propose a door strap that can stand temperatures ranging from -60 ° to 25 °.

For immediate installation, you can opt for palletizable cabins. Already factory mounted, available in several sizes, they are flexible to adapt perfectly to your place. You can easily move them with a forklift.

Partitions and workshop cabins

To develop aisles and shelves

To complete the layout of your industrial company, our adhesive tape allows you to easily and efficiently define specific areas. It is available in several colors for an optimal organization. Our strap reel with magnetic holder, fixable and rollable intuitively, completes the device.

Finally, our stools allow an easy access and a security in height. You can choose a fixed ladder, designed for an intensive use and has a non-slip base, or a step ladder for handling in height. Both models of step ladders are available in several sizes according to your needs.

Organization and security

To choose your shelving

Efficient storage in a warehouse or factory involves the right use of industrial shelving.

To well choose your shelving