To secure workspace and employees

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Car la sécurité de vos locaux et de vos opérateurs importent tout autant que votre productivité et l’aménagement optimisé de vos locaux, nous vous proposons un large choix de solutions pour pourvoir à tous vos besoins.

To develop workspace for more security

For the storage of your corrosive and hazardous chemicals, you can choose from a full range of storage.

Shelving and holding tanks Security cabinets

For secure installations

To secure walkways and the professional environment

To secure your workplace, you can opt for our sign, available in many shapes, colors, and pictograms to convey a clear message to the users. To monitor your work area and prevent accidents in low-visibility areas, we have a surveillance mirror that clings easily to walls and ceilings to ensure an across visibility of your surface.

To ensure the safety of your traffic aisles, steel safety rails are available. Compliant with FEM standards, they have an excellent robustness and durability. For a flexible demarcation, our PVC posts are indicated. Easy to install and to transport, the different colors available allow an easy organization.

To secure employees and their workplace

For workstations, we have anti-fatigue mats to ensure employees in a standing position a comfortably work to prevent muscular disorders. And for the protection of the different place, our steel delimitation barrier, is appropriate because it is solid and durable. It can be complemented with our polyurethane shockproof protection, available in several forms to adapt perfectly to the configuration of your workplace.

Organization and security

To secure storage platform

For your storage platform, you can opt for our security lock. It allows the safe handling of your loads. Its ingenious system warns your employees of any direct contact with the gap.