For an efficient management adapted to your environment, we have different choice of trolleys.

Solutions for the industrial sector

We have different trolley with trays available. You can also opt for safety with our universal trolley, equipped with interchangeable tank for your average heavy loads. For a precise handling of your tank or light loads, you can choose our trolley with fork for tank.

Our trolley can complete your range: Robust, versatile and easy to handle, they are available in aluminum and steel tube.

Handling adapted for logistics

For warehouses and order management centers, you have the choice between two tools: Our order picking trolley with many accessories like a writing desk support or a step board.

Our trolley is for light and heavy loads with mesh sides or with side panels to ensure a secure transport.

Tools for the administrative and commercial community

For administrative environment and office, the trolley, versatile and equipped with non-staining wheels, can adapt to your work surface. For small loads, we have a service trolley, with removable laminate tray.

For your sales area, we have handling tools. In addition to store trolleys with files tank, our nesting trolleys are easy to store and will save considerable space. We have many sizes and versions to match with your needs. Finally, for storage in stockpile, we have a removable and super handy container roll. It can be the solution to carry a wide of variety of products.