Shelving and storage

  • Easy to assemble, our shelving with Fliclass steel sheet shelves provides an excellent solution for storing your light items and archives. With a load capacity of up to 200 kg and steel sheet shelves, it is also compatible with the shelves from our Flip shelving. Also, you can add or remove shelves without needing to disassemble the entire structure.

  • Our office safety cabinet is ideal for archiving your most sensitive files. Fireproof, its steel double wall is reinforced on the sides with 25 mm insulation panels. Its swing door mounted on sturdy hinge pins opens to 180° and is fitted with a 5-point locking system. The lock is a double-bitted key lock.

  • Our professional office cabinet is ideal for storing files and folders in your administrative space. The cabinet is composed of cold-rolled steel sheet with copper wire welding and epoxy-polyester finish compliant with European standard EN-10130 for excellent durability. It is available in a wide range of sizes to match any office configuration.

  • Notre chariot porte-outil est la solution pratique pour toujours garder vos outils à portée de main. Adapté pour le milieu industriel et les ateliers, il est conçu en double-face pour un picking aisé des outils et une excellente mobilité. Selon vos besoins, nous proposons un chariot avec 2 ou 3 panneaux perforés par face.

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