Office safety cabinet

  • Administrative
Our office safety cabinet is ideal for archiving your most sensitive files. Fireproof, its steel double wall is reinforced on the sides with 25 mm insulation panels. Its swing door mounted on sturdy hinge pins opens to 180° and is fitted with a 5-point locking system. The lock is a double-bitted key lock.

More details

    A fireproof safety cabinet Perfect for professional use in administrative environments, our safety cabinet is available in different models with 3 or 5 shelves. The shelves have a load capacity of 70 kg, ensuring the cabinet is of optimum weight in terms of safety and ease of movement. Depending on the model, a lockable compartment can be installed on one of the cabinet shelves. Boxes with telescopic shelves for insertion on an intermediate shelf are also available for storing your CDs and DVDs. Some 3-shelf models can also have a melaminated top. Our fireproof cabinet is offered with a variety of optional equipment to suit your requirements. We offer bars for installing hanging files as well as suspensions frames with ball bearings and locking device. You can also opt for telescopic shelves. For completely secure closure, an electronic lock can also be fitted.
    Largeur650mm ; 930mm ; 1200mm
    Profondeur500 mm
    Hauteur1950 mm
    Capacité70 kg par tablette