resin tubular shelving

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Our plastic tubular shelving is perfect for environments where hygiene is paramount: food and pharmaceuticals, for example. Durable, rust-proof and rot-proof, our plastic shelving is the ideal solution for storing your goods where hygiene requirements are high. This system has passed HACCP tests that verify safety and sustainable hygiene for food products stored on shelving.

More details

    Shelving designed for food productsThe 100% resin structure of our tubular shelving is capable of withstanding temperatures from -40 ° to 80 ° Celsius for efficient use in any environment. With modular dimensions and a load capacity of 200 kilogrammes per level, it will fit perfectly no matter what the configuration of your workspace. The smooth surface and rounded corners allow easy maintenance and use with optimum safety. As an option, we also offer plastic shelving mounted on nylon wheels with stainless steel forks or polyamide wheels with rubber tyres. You could also opt for side stops, anti-collapse bars for transport use, jack feet for uneven floors or polythene cover plates.
    LongueurDe 1000 mm à 4000 mm par tranche de 100 mm
    Profondeur300 mm ; 400 mm ; 500 mm ; 600 mm ; 700 mm ; 800 mm ; 900 mm ; 1000 mm
    Hauteur2500 mm maximum
    Capacité200 kg/ml