Distal Sup range of desks with cable management

  • Administrative
Distal Sup desks let you create the perfect layout in your administrative or secretarial space, etc., while cleverly integrating cable management to bring power to the workstations. The melaminated desktops have a cable port for routing cables into the elliptical base frame as well as a horizontal and telescopic beam located under the desktop. Highly modular, numerous sizes, colours and extensions are available.

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    A range of desks perfect for administrative environments Designed to adapt perfectly to your professional space, the Distal Sup desks are available in numerous shapes. In addition to the standard rectangular shape, you can opt for a curved desk or a symmetrical or asymmetrical wave desk. Half-moon and 90° corner extensions are also available. The desktops are available in fixed height, 73.5 cm, or height-adjustable, 62 to 86 cm, versions. To optimise your space, the same base frame can be shared by 2 adjacent desktops. A storage pedestal can also be fitted to act as the base. The Distal Sup range is available in a compact version for the most confined professional and administrative spaces. Optional divider screens can also be installed. These can be fitted with a rail for attaching flat screen displays, lamps or storage shelves. You can also opt for a metal modesty panel for improved working comfort. For a more customisable desk solution, we also offer the Conect range of desks.
    Hauteur735mm fixe ; Réglable de 620 à 860mm
    Coloris décors plateauxÉrable blanc ; Hêtre clair ; Chêne clair ; Hêtre doré ; Hêtre saumoné ; pommier ; Noyer ambré ; Blanc
    Coloris piètementBlanc ; Gris aluminium ; Gris anthracite
    Profondeur module asymétrique800 mm ; 1000 mm
    Profondeur module symétrique1000 mm
    Largeur module asymétrique1600 mm
    Largeur module symétrique1400 mm