Mobile shelving - Acti Roll

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Our mobile shelving is the perfect solution for storing the maximum amount of archives in the minimum amount of space. With mobile, rail-mounted bases and chain transmission, this solution is easy to assemble and intuitive to use. Modular, it can be equipped with a variety of shelves from our range, including: Flip, Epsilon, Epsiline et Ad’vance.. It is available in two models:

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    Flip mobile shelving for efficient storage With a maximum load capacity of 900 kilogrammes per linear metre and a length of up to 12 metres depending on the configuration, Flip mobile shelving is perfect for optimising your archive storage space. The bases are delivered pre-assembled for easy installation of the structure. An anti-derailment system and anti-impact stop are incorporated to guarantee safe use. The bonus? They can be fitted with Flipus, Epsivol or Cantilever shelves. Optim’roll mobile shelving for small installations Modular and equipped with elements that can be fully dismantled, Optim’roll mobile shelving is perfect for installing in small premises like cellars and vaults. With a load capacity of 750 kg, the modular bases supplied are designed for easy assembly, whatever the configuration of your space.
    Hauteur2500 mm maximum
    Coloris Optim'rollGris clair RAL 7035
    Coloris FlipChâssis gris clair RAL 7035 ; Montants bleurs RAL 5015
    Capacité Optim'Roll750 kg/ml
    Capacité Flip900 kg/ml
    Profondeur Optim'Roll500 mm ; 600 mm ; 700 mm ; 732 mm ; 776 mm ; 800 mm
    Profondeur Flip600 mm ; 700 mm ; 730 mm ; 780 mm ; 800 mm
    Longueur Optim'Roll1000 à 6000 mm
    Longueur Flip1000 à 12000 mm