Sideward-sliding shelving

  • Administrative
Our sideward-sliding shelving is designed to provide a storage solution that is both cost-effective and optimised for your files and archives. Its mobile structure lets you install two shelves side by side against a wall. A slide system lets you move the front shelving to the side for easy access to the rear shelving.

More details

    Light duty shelving for storing archivesEasy to install, just lay a single rail and our mobile shelving is ready to use. This system also lets you install a single set of shelves in front of another that is already installed. Secure and stable thanks to the anti-roll system of the rails, this has proven to be a practical and cost-effective storage solution for administrative environments. For installing mobile shelving on a larger scale or in a space difficult to access, see also our mobile shelving.
    AccessoiresDispositif anti-devers ; Cales pour compenser les défauts de planéité au sol.