Lockers and cabinets

  • Our professional office cabinet is ideal for storing files and folders in your administrative space. The cabinet is composed of cold-rolled steel sheet with copper wire welding and epoxy-polyester finish compliant with European standard EN-10130 for excellent durability. It is available in a wide range of sizes to match any office configuration.

  • Our office locker with L-shaped doors provides both stylish and optimised storage for administrative spaces and communities. Its one-piece structure offers two individual compartments per column, ideal for confined spaces. Depending on your needs, our locker with L-shaped doors can be equipped with 1 to 3 columns.

  • Our office locker is perfect for storing personal effects in administrative environments. It is available in a multicase version to accommodate up to 3 lockers in the same unit. Robust, its one-piece welded steel sheet structure has an oven-baked epoxy finish.

  • Our post box locker cabinet is an ergonomic solution for storing personal effects. With a height of 1950 mm and width of 460, it is equipped with 22 lockers, 620 mm in depth, divided into 2 columns for optimal space saving. Robust, its steel sheet metal structure is built on a base for excellent stability.

  • Our compartment lockers are the perfect solution for storing personal effects belonging to your staff or deposited by your customers. A steel structure with 100 mm-high anthracite base, they are ideal for community locker rooms and public places. Available in 2 different sizes, they can be installed in a cabinet of 2x3, 3x3 or 3x4 compartments.

  • Our compartment cabinet is perfect for storing personal and professional effects such as helmets in industrial and community environments. To best meet your needs, it is available in widths of 300 or 400mm and can accommodate up to 5 compartments per column. Up to 4 columns can be fitted together.

  • Our warming wardrobe is equipped with a hot air ventilation system. This system allows to dry simultaneously work clothes, pairs of shoes, boots or gloves for 10 people. It is perfectly adapted to users comfort and provides a good level of hygiene in the locker.

  • The warming locker is specially made for drying work clothes. It is equipped with a hook, a mirror, a hanger rod with 2 hooks, a glove holder and boots holder. The locker and the top are ventilated via perforations. Exist for clean industry or for dirty industry, on feet or on a bench and in 500 W or in 1000 W.

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