Nestable trolley

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Our nestable trolley is perfect for use in shops and retail spaces. Designed to take up minimum space when stored away, its machine-welded structure with blue epoxy finish guarantees excellent durability. Available in a variety of models with load capacities varying between 300 and 500 kg, its non-slip waterproof shelf guarantees safe transport of your goods.

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    A nestable trolley perfect for shops To meet all your needs, our nestable trolley is also available in a version with two shelves, or with arches instead of backs. The wheels with TPE tyres and roller bearing hubs are 2 fixed and 2 directional with brakes in compliance with the European standard EN 1757-3. You can also opt for a version with a tapered wire mesh shelf. More compact and also available in a model with two shelves, its 4 directional wheels, 2 of which have brakes, guarantee excellent manoeuvrability. We offer an optional metal basket for hanging on the back of the trolley, perfect for transporting small parts. A wall attachment fastening with lock is also provided for storage in the shop entrance.
    ModèleRevêtement mélaminé ; Revêtement ridelle
    Dimensions (H x l) revêtement mélaminé850 x 500 mm ; 1000 x 600 mm ; 1000 x 700 mm
    Dimensions (H x l) revêtement ridelle850 x 500 mm ; 1000 x 600 mm ; 1000 x 700 mm
    Capacité300 kg ; 400 kg ; 500 kg